Creating A Plan To Thrive

Current state of Readiness: Preparation

Individuals openly state their intent to change within the next 6 months and are more aware of the benefits of changing, but remain aware of the costs.

Our Goal: To encourage and motivate you to make specific plans.

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Roadmap to Success

  • Get to know yourself
    • Talents, values, past successes, etc.
  • Learn about your inner purpose
    • Ways you could make a difference
    • Personal mission
  • Identify your goals
    • Short-term and long-term
  • Take action
  • Leave a legacy

Discover Life’s Purpose

Strong correlation between one’s happiness and sense of purpose

  • Recall instances of great satisfaction and happiness
    • What were you doing?
    • What were the circumstances?
  • Recall times when you’ve been occupied with an activity and lost all track of time
    • What were you doing?
    • What talents were you using?

Happiness and Unique Strengths

Strong correlation between happiness and using one’s strengths in daily activities

  • Make a list of those things you do really well
    • Combine and narrow the list until you have only five or six of your top strengths
  • Ask people who are close to you what qualities they most admire about you

What is Success?

  • Learning what motivates and what excites you
  • Discovering your purpose
  • Capitalizing on your talents, passions and values
  • Doing Something each day in the area that you love
  • Moving toward your dream
  • Making a difference
  • Making the world a little bit better because you existed
  • Enjoying the journey

Tips to Make the Journey

  • Trust your inner voice
  • Recognize when you are unfulfilled
  • Identify ways to make small but immediate changes
  • Dwell in possibilities
  • Take better care of yourself
  • Be conscious when something excites you or frustrates you
  • Tune out the voice of the world
  • Take the first step
  • Embrace the change
  • Have no regrets
  • Bring your heart to your work

The Next Step

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