Virtual Event Descriptions

Line Dancing

Join us for line dancing where Alyssa and Mia will teach you different line dances throughout the ages, from the electric slide to the cupid shuffle. You will learn 3 line dances during each class, each dance will be explained without music first. Once you feel comfortable with each move everyone will dance along to the music together!

Strength & Balance Class w/Steve

Join us for a balance exercise class with Steve Pelton! This class will include a variety of sitting and standing exercises that will all help to improve your balance. All you will need to participate in this class is yourself and a chair! 


Test your knowledge and join us for a game of trivia, where different categories are chosen every week. It could be anything from sports to history so we hope you know your stuff. There will be anywhere from 20 to 50 questions each worth one point. Whoever has the most points at the end will be the lucky winner of a We Thrive Together t-shirt! 

Music Bingo

Join us for music bingo and get the chance to be the lucky winner of a We Thrive Together t-shirt. We will send you your very own virtual bingo card which can be downloaded to your device and used and a typical bingo card. We will play about 30 seconds of a song and you will then be given the chance to guess that song title. A variety of different music will be played from country to rock and roll. If you do not know the song that is okay, we will give everyone the bingo number that corresponds with the song and you can mark it off if you have it! 

Name That Tune

In this game we will test how well you really know your music. We will play about 30 second of a song and you will have to write down the name of the song if you know it. There will be 20 songs each worth 1 point each, we will finish with a final challenge song worth 3 points. Whoever has the most points out of 23 at the end will be our lucky winner of a We Thrive Together t-shirt! 

Let’s Play Cards

Join us and let’s play cards, we will decide as a group what card game we want to play. It could be anything from euchre to crazy 8s. We will be playing cards through a website called cardzmania. You will first join the Zoom meeting and from there we will give you what you need to begin playing! 

Puzzles with Friends

Join us and race against the clock to finish a virtual puzzle as a group. If you’re fast there might even be enough time to do 2 puzzles. We will do lots of different puzzles including food, animals, art, nature, and so much more!


Join us and challenge your friends in a game of Pictionary. This is the first time you will not need a pencil or a piece of paper to play Pictionary. All you will need is yourself and your electronic device, we will be playing Pictionary using the white board function to share our drawings through Zoom. We will split you up into 2 teams, one person from each team will take turns drawing an image that will be privately sent to them. While they are drawing the rest of the team will have to try and guess what it is they are trying to draw. If the team guesses it correctly they will receive a point, the team with the most points at the end of the game will be the Pictionary champs! 

Monavation Chair Exercise with Mona

Join us for the MONAvation chair exercise class, and let Mona Mangiarelli from Ohio Living motivate you to reach your fitness goals. This may be a chair exercise but do not let that fool you, it is not easy. This exercise class is great for people of all ages who simply want to get a good workout. All you will need to participate in this class is yourself and a chair with no arms! 


Join us for a game of taboo; a think fast, talk fast, game where saying the wrong thing could make you lose the game. Get your team to say the word on the card without using one of the five taboo words listed on the card. The Taboo cards have two sides in case you get too advanced. Get your team to say your word and get a point. The team with the most points wins. Test your fast talking skills and see how your team does! 

Wheel of Fortune

Join us for a game of wheel of fortune, just as on the TV program, play against two players (or one), try your luck on the wheel, earn as much money as possible and solve word puzzles. The only thing we’ll be missing is the lovely Vanna White!


Join us and challenge your friends to a game of Boggle, you will be given 16 letters in the form of a cube. You will have to see how many words you can make from the letters given, each word you make will have to be at least 3 letters long. The person who has made the most words once the time is up will be our boggle champion!

Family Feud

Join us for a game of family feud, for family feud you will be split up into 2 teams. One member of each team faces the other in a face-off as the host reads the question off the game board. The team that buzzed in with the correct answer receives control of the board and has the option of playing or passing control to the other team. The team that has the control tries to reveal all of the correct answers to the question before receiving three strikes. If the team receives three strikes without clearing the board, control is passed to the other team. The team that now has the control is able to give one answer in the hopes that it is found on the board.

  • If it is, points are added to the team’s score. 
  • If not, the other team gets the points.

Points are collected as each team finds its answers to the question on the board. Each team tries to collect the most points. The team with the most points wins the game! 


Join us for a game of jeopardy, jeopardy can be played individually or in groups. The person or team who is up first will pick the category. The host will then click on the chosen box for the question. Individuals or teams must give the answer in the form of a question before the time runs out. The host will then click the box again to reveal the correct answer. If the person or team is correct, they are awarded the point value of the question. Continue until all questions have been answered. The team with the most points wins!

Left, Right, Center – LCR

Join us for a game of LCR, LCR is a dice game played with a minimum of three players. It is a betting game where each player starts with three chips and tries to win all of the chips on the table. Don’t expect strategy to help you here; LCR is a luck game dependent solely on the roll of the dice. Each player will have three chips, one by one each person will roll 1 die for each chip you have. There are a total of 3 dice. L=pass a chip to the left, R=pass a chip to the right, C=put a chip in the center. If you roll a dot, you keep a chip. Perform the actions indicated on all your dice, distributing or keeping chips as indicated above. Play continues to the left until there is only one remaining player with chips. The last player with chips wins the pot in the center. Players aren’t eliminated when they run out of chips because, as long as the game continues, chips might be passed to them. Players do not roll dice if they do not have chips and may only roll one die per chip they have, up to three total dice! 

Show and Tell

Join us for show and tell, where we will all try and learn a little bit more about each other!

Virtual Trip

Join us and we will take a virtual trip to a new place each week, from the zoo to the museum!

Never Have I Ever

Join us for a game of Never Have I Ever, where we will read off cards and ask the group if they have ever done that. If you have, you receive a point, the person with the most points at the end will be the Never Have I Ever champion!

Self Advocacy: Speak Up w/OSDA

Join us and learn more about self advocacy skills and speaking up for yourself and others!

Special Olympics Fun Night

Join us in this Special Olympics virtual fun night where we will take a break from the sports and have some fun!

Let’s Get Crafty (Craft Class)

Join us and we will do a different craft each week using basic materials that you already have in your home. Such as craft paper, markers and crayons, paper plates, scissors, tape and glue, and yarn or string!

Tech Training

Join us for tech training and we will teach you all about making the most of your technology. We will teach you step by step how to use things like YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, and so much more!

Virtual Independence

Join us and we will teach you how to become virtually independent by becoming your own Zoom host. We will teach you all the basics of being a Zoom host along with teaching you to run things like virtual cards, line dancing, music bingo, trivia, Pictionary, and much more!

Special Olympics Workout

Join us for a Special Olympics workout and lets all get moving together!

body movin’ basics w/liz

Join us for Body Movin’ Basics w/Liz, where Liz will walk you through each step of the exercise class showing you 3 ways of doing each exercise. Standing, sitting with arms and legs, and sitting with just arms.

Christopher Milo Interview

Join us and listen in as Christopher Milo interviews some amazing individuals and allow them to share their stories. You can even get the chance to ask some burning questions of your own at the end of the interview!

Let’s Get cooking

Join us and let’s get cooking in this cooking class. Each week will have a new person teach you how to make a new recipe!

ask an expert

Each week we will bring in a new expert, join us to have your questions about that specific topic answered!