WTT Game Crew

Who is the WTT Game Crew

We Thrive Together strives to deliver the gold standard of interactive online programming and as you can imagine it takes time to prepare all the games and activities. Individuals are stepping up to help us find content and materials to use in WTT programming.   As they say, it takes a village, or in our case a family,  to be the best we can be.

If you are interested in finding and sending us stuff to use in an upcoming game or activity please review the list of current needs and send it our way using the form below.

Thank you for helping us offer awesome programming.

Current Game Content Needs

  • $100,000 Pyramid: Category, a subject related to the category and seven words/phrases/names related to the subject
    • Example: Category: Going to the Movies, Subject: Things in an action movie, Words: Bomb, Chase, Hero, Villian, Gun, Spy, Crash)
  • 25 Words or Less: List of 5 words
    • Example: Mug, Author, Refrigerator, Scissors, Music
  • America Says: Phrase with a blank space and 7 words that can be used to fill in the blank
    • Example: I still have ______ from my wedding (Dress, Ring, Photos, Bouquet, Cake, License, Invitation)
  • Cash Cab: Trivia questions and answers
  • Chain Reaction: List of 5 words that are each somehow related to word that comes before and after it
    • Example:  Food, Truck, Stop, Sign, Language
  • Charades: List of words or phrases for person to act out
  • Coloring: Links to high quality coloring pages
    • Example: https://printablefreecoloring.com/drawings/relaxation/anti-stress/126958/
  • Family Feud: A question that could be used to survey a group including the top five answers
    • Example: Name a Food You Might Have At a Holiday Dinner (Turkey, Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Pie, Green Beans)
  • Hangman: List of six letter words people would recognize
  • Hollywood Squares: Trivia questions with correct answers
  • Jeopardy: Category and 6 trivia questions
    • Example: Special Olympics | 1. Colors of the Olympic Rings (Yellow, Black, Red, Green, Blue), 2. Who Founded SO? (Eunice Shriver), 3…
  • Let’s Make a Deal: Link to a short video showing off a funny or weird product and the actual price
    • Example: Miniature Waving Inflatable Tube Guy – $9.58 | https://youtu.be/bJx9wILG9Ak
  • Lingo: List of common words with 5-7 letters
  • Memory: Theme ideas for new memory tiles
    • Example: Halloween | Pictures of Candy
  • Minute to Win It: Challenging tasks using household items that participants can try to complete in less than a minute.  A link to a sample video our challenge description would be very helpful
    • Example:Face the Cookie: Place a cookie on your forehead. Then using only your face muscles (no hands) get it into your mouth. https://youtu.be/HljLGW45_-E
  • Name That Tune: List of 21 songs related theme
    • Example: Theme: Songs about animals | White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane), Karma Chameleon (Culture Club), I Am a Walrus (The Beatles), …
  • Never Have I Ever: List of statements related to things people might have done in their life
    • Example: Never have I ever got a tattoo
  • Password: List of words participants will be asked to guess based on clues provided from their team
    • Example: Key
  • Pictionary: List of words for people to draw
  • Scavenger Hunt: List of common items around the house including a specific descriptive characteristic
    • Example: Yellow Cup
  • Show & Tell: Topics for future sessions
  • Taboo: A Word to Guess and 5 related words people can not say
    • Example: Running | Shoe, Marathon, Race, Distance, Exercise
  • The Price is Right: Link to a short video describing a product and the actual price
      https://youtu.be/VN8PV0fv340 | $61,019
  • Wheel of Fortune: Puzzle category and related statement
    • Example: Category Food, Statement: Chocolate Fondue
  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire: A question and 4 multiple choice answers, please mark the correct answer
    • Example: Who was the first person to step on the moon? Buzz Aldrin, John Glenn, Alan Shepard, Neil Armstrong (Correct)

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