Ways to Increase Local Impact

Key Programs for Individuals You Support 

Daily Mental Health Check-In Program
  • Pilot for 1,000 Individuals with ID/DD in Ohio Funded by DD Council
  • Reduce MUIs by giving individuals the opportunity to simply select a “Smiley Face” that coincides with how they feel and track participation in real-time
  • Goal: 10+ participants per county
  • Click here to register your participants
Virtual Programming
  • 100+ events per month
  • Including games, classes, virtual trips, advocacy training, educational presentations, arts& crafts, discussion groups, parties, and so much more
  • Accessible to individuals and groups at home, day centers, schools, and residential facilities
  • Event calendar
Select individuals to represent your county or organization
  • Guest artist to be featured during an WTT Art Class
  • Advocacy Group or Advocate Presentation for Self Advocacy Wednesday: Speak Up w/OSDA
  • Four individuals to complete training to Host/Moderate Online Programming
  • Two individuals to represent you on the WTT Advocacy Army
  • Individuals for Ohio’s Got Talent

Marketing Checklist

Marketing Virtual Programming
  • Think of WTT programming as your programming
  • Send press release to local media regarding the new virtual programming available for individuals with ID/DD in your community
  • Post announcement about collaborating with WTT on your website and social media
  • Place link to WTT on your website
  • Include upcoming virtual programming in your newsletter
  • Post event calendar on your website monthly
  • Post event calendar on your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc.)
  • Invite WTT to present at a provider meeting
  • Invite WTT to present at a advocacy meeting
  • Invite WTT to present at a SSA/DSP meeting
  • Share your logo with WTT for recognition on WTT website and social media
  • Ensure people you serve are featured in upcoming programming
  • Share event calendar monthly with local schools, providers, day centers and support staff
  • Participate in an interview with WTT regarding collaboration
  • Connect WTT to your key personal (Community Outreach, Advocacy, SSA Manager)
  • Tell WTT what you need from us to help you spread the word