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What Does Safety Really Mean?

Safety is the relative freedom from danger, risk, or threat of harm, injury, or loss to personnel and/or property, whether caused deliberately or by accident. It is the condition of being protected.

Often people think safety is simply being free from physical abuse, free from sexual abuse, free from emotional abuse, and free from neglect, but they often forget about the concept of feeling safe.  Feeling safe refers to knowing that you can be yourself freely, the knowing that you can express yourself freely without feeling judged, threatened or reprimanded, being able to have your own thoughts without any fear and knowing that you can have your own opinions. It is a must to feel safe at home, school, work, in your relationships, and with yourself.

Feeling safe means waking up in the morning and knowing that you deserve to live in a safe space and have the happiness that it brings.

Three ways we can help ourselves feel safe:

  • Believe in Yourself – If we want to feel safe, we need to believe we can handle life’s ups and downs. To start, try increasing your motivational self-talk and decreasing the negative self-talk.
  • Accept Uncertainty – If we resist what is uncertain our uncertainty grows, but if we accept it, letting go of our need to control what we can’t, we let go of the worry.
  • Be Present – Living moment-to-moment we see first hand that, no matter what we have going on in our lives, the moment we’re in is okay.

Do you feel safe?  Everyone deserves to be and feel safe.

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