Rules For Participation

Rules Of Participation To Charles Events

Treat everyone, including the event host, with courtesy and respect
All programs will start promptly at 5 minutes past the hour without interruptions
Stay muted unless the event host prompts you too unmute
If you need to talk, raise your hand or direct message the host in the chat. Do NOT talk over or interrupt the person talking.
The host has 100% discretion if someone will be left unmuted. Please respect this decision.
No bullying or harassment of any kind will be tolerated. Treat everyone as you want to be treated.
If you’re having a bad day, please leave until you feel good enough to participate again
Be patient
Turn off your camera if you are eating
Drinking is permitted while your camera is on
Use your manners
Do NOT share personal information about another participant unless the individual has approved it first
Treat all participants as your own family
Have Fun!!!