GoFundMe Campaign

We are asking our friends, neighbors, and community to help us keep We Thrive Together alive.

We believe no one should suffer from social isolation or loneliness. We all know what it was like to be stuck at home, isolated during COVID. Many of our friends live this every single day.

We are raising money to help We Thrive Together continue to host online programs for individuals with developmental disabilities. Since the beginning of the pandemic, We Thrive Together has hosted over 5,000 virtual programs, including games, classes, virtual trips, advocacy training, educational presentations, arts & crafts, discussion groups, parties, and so much more. We are reducing loneliness every day by allowing people to connect and make new friends.

Sadly, this program needs funding. We are asking our friends, neighbors, and community to help us keep this program alive. If we do not achieve our goal, we will, unfortunately, close down our program on 12/31/22.

All money raised will support online programming for people with developmental disabilities. Your support will ensure We Thrive Together can continue inviting people to talk, laugh, play, sweat, draw, dance, connect, and make new friends.

Any donation will help. Thank you for contributing to a cause that means so much to our family of participants in 18 states and us. If you can’t give, please share and help us build awareness for our campaign.