Financial Literacy: Money Talks – Types of Accounts, Savings, Checking & Investing

Ready to unlock the secrets of where to stash your cash? We’re going to dive into the amazing world of financial accounts and learn how each one can help you become a saving superstar and a wise spender!

1. Savings Accounts: Your Money’s Cozy Home
First up, savings accounts – think of them as cozy homes where your money can snuggle up and grow safely. We’ll explore why savings accounts are awesome for keeping your money safe, how they earn a little extra (interest!), and why they’re super important for your financial future.

2. Checking Accounts: Your Everyday Money Buddy
Next, we’ll check out checking accounts. These are like your everyday best buddies for money – perfect for buying things you need, paying bills, or getting cash fast. Learn how they work, why they’re handy for daily spending, and how to use them without any oops moments (like overdrafts!).

3. Investment Accounts: Your Money’s Adventure Park
Then, let’s get adventurous with investment accounts! These are like theme parks for your money, where it can go on rides (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) and potentially grow way faster than in savings. But remember, more adventure means more risk. We’ll talk about how to start exploring this exciting world wisely.

4. Which Account When?
Ever wonder which account to use when? We’ll play some fun games to understand which account is best for different money goals – like saving for a new bike, buying snacks, or planning for something big in the future.

5. Start Your Journey: Opening Your First Account
Finally, we’ll guide you on how to start your journey. Learn the steps to open your first account and become the boss of your own money. Plus, we’ll share some cool tools and apps to help you manage your accounts like a pro.

Get ready for an engaging, interactive session that will turn you into a smart saver and a savvy spender.

The event is only possible because of the generous support of the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council.

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