Financial Literacy: Money Talks – Financial Independence

“Money Talks: Financial Independence” is a super cool and easy-to-understand class all about handling money! Think of it as your secret guide to becoming a money whiz.

In this class, we’ll chat about all the money stuff that seems tricky but is actually really important. You’ll learn about financial independence which means you have enough money saved, invested, or coming in to cover your living expenses.

Imagine you have a magic piggy bank. Every month, this piggy bank gives you enough money to pay for your food, house, hobbies, and everything else you need or want. You don’t have to do anything; the money just appears. That’s kind of what financial independence is like.

You’ll learn how to make smart choices with your money. Whether you’re saving up for that new video game, a cool vacation, or just want to have some cash for the future, “Money Talks” is all about helping you get there. So come join us, and let’s start making your money work for you!

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Jan 12 2024
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM




We Thrive Together
We Thrive Together