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What is Work Ethic?

Jessica Rine, the Executive Director of the United Way in Upper Ohio Valley, understands the value of having a “good work ethic.”  She points out that it is a great deal more than showing up and putting in the hours.

A good work ethic includes:

  • Being a self-starter
  • Having a positive attitude
  • Staying motivated
  • Using work time efficiently
  • Respecting other people’s time (co-workers and clients)
  • Being a “go getter”
  • Following through and following directions
  • Finding creative solutions to problems

“So, what’s the solution?”

Supervisors and bosses are there to support their employees with problem solving, but not to do it for them.  Jessica suggests that, as a problem solvers, when we reach out to a manager to ask for advice, we always come armed with a solution, along with the problem.

Advice for forging a career path.

  • Find a strong leader to emulate
  • Find something to do that you are passionate about
  • Always learn from the examples of others

“When am I ever gonna use this?!”

Jessica is no stranger to the feeling of learning something you don’t think you’ll ever use in “real” life, like high level math or history facts.  She explains that you often use those skills in less direct ways. You are molding your brain and teaching it to think and to problem solve. Even test taking helps us with information retention and listening skills.

Watch and listen to our discussion with Executive Director Jessica Rine of the United Way in the Upper Ohio Valley as she explains the evolution of her idea of a good work ethic.

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