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The Pros and Cons on enrolling after high school

For years parents and teachers have been pushing students to continue their education by enrolling in a college, university or trade school after high school. This allows you to further your education in a subject area you hopefully find interesting and want to turn into a career.  For some students, attending college immediately after high school is not the right choice. Let’s look at the Pros and Cons on enrolling after high school:


  • Colleges give you the opportunity to learn more about a job or subject that interests you
  • College helps you meet new people and build a network
  • College often helps you land a job
  • Research suggests that a college degree typically increases the amount of money you will earn over your lifetime


  • College takes time (anywhere from 2 years or more) depending on the path you choose
  • College takes work, just like all school
  • Lots of jobs don’t require a college degree
  • A college degree doesn’t guarantee you a job after graduation
  • College costs a lot of money (look for grants, loans and scholarships to reduce the cost if you plan to enroll after high school)

This is obviously not an exhaustive list but should get you thinking.

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