Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy marketing is getting existing customers to share their positive experience with other people. It’s worked great for many top global Brands.

  • Tesla: Referral Packages – A program that gave both the referred person and the existing customer amazing discounts and access to exclusive products.
  • Starbucks: Tweet-A-Coffee – A campaign that would allow customers to buy a $5 gift card for their friends through Twitter. Customers just had to Tweet the @tweetacoffee handle alongside the recipient’s own Twitter handle and those who joined the program also got a $5 gift card themselves.
  • Coca-Cola: Share a Coke – A campaign aimed to connect with their customers at a more personal level, shifting the focus from the product itself to the individual. The idea was to replace the traditional logo by “Share a Coke with” followed by a person’s name or a generic name (mom, dad, mate, bestie) with the idea to get together and share a special moment over a Coca-Cola.
  • Apple: Shot on iPhone – A campaign asked Apple users to share photos they took with their iPhones on social media, using a designated hashtag. The company then proceeded to pick the photos it liked the most, and use them on future advertisements.
  • We Thrive Together:  We Are Next! – Stay Tuned for Details

Advocacy Marketing Principals We Pride Ourselves On

  • Provide an excellent product or service
  • Deliver an unforgettable brand experience
  • Operate with a customer-first mentality
  • Make it easy for customers to advocate
  • Actively seek out advocates

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