Zoom Guide For Hosts: Moving Participants Between Breakout Rooms

Zoom Guide For Hosts: Moving Participants Between Breakout Rooms

Hello, Zoom Hosts! Flexibility is key when managing breakout rooms. Moving participants between breakout rooms allows you to adapt to changing dynamics and facilitate productive discussions. Here’s your comprehensive guide on how to move participants between breakout rooms in Zoom:

1. Moving Participants During the Meeting:

Open Breakout Rooms Panel:

  • Click on the ‘Breakout Rooms’ button in the Zoom toolbar to open the breakout rooms panel.

View Participants:

  • In the breakout rooms panel, you’ll see a list of participants currently assigned to breakout rooms.

Move Participants:

  • Hover over the participant you want to move.
  • Click on the ‘More’ button (three dots) next to their name.
  • Select ‘Move to’ and choose the destination breakout room from the dropdown menu.
2. Best Practices for Moving Participants:

Monitor Participation: Keep an eye on breakout room discussions to ensure that participants are engaged and productive.

Facilitate Balanced Groups: Adjust breakout room assignments as needed to balance group sizes and foster diverse discussions.

Communicate Changes: Inform participants before moving them to a different breakout room and provide instructions if necessary.

Respect Participant Privacy: Be mindful of participant privacy when moving them between breakout rooms, especially if sensitive topics are being discussed.

Moving participants between breakout rooms in Zoom gives you the flexibility to adapt to the needs of your meeting and facilitate meaningful discussions. By mastering this feature and implementing best practices, you can create a dynamic and interactive meeting environment that maximizes participant engagement and collaboration.

Happy Hosting and Breakout Room Management!

3. Final Thoughts: