Zoom Guide For Hosts: Managing Breakout Room Settings

Zoom Guide For Hosts: Managing Breakout Room Settings

Hello, Zoom Hosts! Customizing breakout room settings allows you to tailor the breakout room experience to meet the specific needs of your meeting. Here’s your comprehensive guide on how to manage breakout room settings in Zoom:

1. Accessing Breakout Room Settings:
Before the Meeting:
  • Access your Zoom account settings via the web portal.
  • Navigate to the ‘Meeting Settings’ or ‘Settings’ tab.
  • Scroll down to find the section labeled ‘Breakout Room’ settings.
2. Key Breakout Room Settings:

Allow Participants to Choose Room: Decide whether participants have the option to choose which breakout room they join or if the host assigns them.

Automatically Move Participants: Choose whether participants are automatically moved to breakout rooms when they are created.

Countdown Timer: Set a countdown timer to automatically close breakout rooms after a specified duration.

Breakout Room Notification: Choose whether participants receive a notification when they are being moved to a breakout room.

3. Customizing Breakout Room Settings:

Adjusting Settings Before Starting the Meeting:

  • Modify breakout room settings in the Zoom web portal before starting your meeting to ensure they are configured according to your preferences.

Changing Settings During the Meeting:

  • If necessary, you can adjust breakout room settings during the meeting by accessing the breakout room settings panel.
4. Best Practices for Managing Breakout Room Settings:

Plan Ahead: Determine the appropriate breakout room settings based on the objectives and structure of your meeting.

Communicate Settings to Participants: Inform participants of any specific breakout room settings or instructions before starting the breakout sessions.

Test Settings Before the Meeting: Conduct a test run to ensure that breakout room settings are configured correctly and functioning as intended.

Monitor Breakout Rooms: Keep an eye on breakout room activity during the meeting and adjust settings as needed to facilitate smooth discussions.

5. Final Thoughts:

Managing breakout room settings allows you to create a customized and effective breakout room experience for your Zoom meetings. By understanding and utilizing these settings, you can enhance collaboration and engagement among participants while ensuring a seamless meeting experience.

Happy Hosting and Breakout Room Customization!