Zoom Guide For Hosts: Starting and Ending Breakout Rooms

Zoom Guide For Hosts: Starting and Ending Breakout Rooms
Note: for this to work you will need to go in your settings and activate the zoom room setting in your account

Hello, Zoom Hosts! Breakout rooms provide an excellent opportunity for smaller group discussions within your larger meetings. Here’s your comprehensive guide on how to start and end breakout rooms in Zoom:

1. Starting Breakout Rooms:

During the Meeting:

  • Click on the ‘Breakout Rooms’ button in the toolbar at the bottom of the Zoom window.
  • Choose the number of breakout rooms you want to create and how you want to assign participants (automatically or manually).
  • Click on ‘Create Breakout Rooms’ to generate the breakout rooms.
  • Once created, you can assign participants to breakout rooms manually or automatically.
  • Click on ‘Open All Rooms’ to start the breakout sessions.
2. Managing Breakout Rooms:

Joining Breakout Rooms:

  • As the host, you have the option to join any breakout room at any time to monitor or participate in discussions.
  • Click on the ‘Breakout Rooms’ button and select ‘Join’ next to the desired breakout room.

Communicating with Participants:

  • Hosts can broadcast messages to all breakout rooms simultaneously or individually.
  • Click on ‘Broadcast a message to all’ or ‘Broadcast a message to [specific room]’ in the breakout rooms panel.
3. Ending Breakout Rooms:
During the Meeting:
  • Click on the ‘Breakout Rooms’ button to open the breakout rooms panel.
  • Click on ‘Close All Rooms’ to end all breakout sessions and bring participants back to the main meeting.
4. Best Practices for Breakout Rooms:
  • Plan Ahead: Determine the purpose and duration of breakout sessions before the meeting starts.
  • Facilitate Discussions: Assign a moderator or facilitator for each breakout room to keep discussions on track.
  • Provide Instructions: Communicate clear instructions and objectives to participants before they enter breakout rooms.
  • Monitor Activity: Periodically check in on breakout rooms to provide support or address any issues that arise.
  • 5. Final Thoughts:Breakout rooms can enhance engagement and collaboration in your Zoom meetings by providing smaller group discussions. By following these steps and best practices, you can effectively manage breakout sessions and create a more interactive meeting experience for participants.Happy Hosting and Breakout Room Management!