Zoom Guide For Hosts: Assigning Co-Hosts

Zoom Guide For Hosts: Assigning Co-Hosts

Hello, Zoom Hosts! Assigning co-hosts can help you manage meetings more efficiently by delegating certain hosting responsibilities. Here’s your comprehensive guide on how to assign co-hosts in Zoom:

1. Assigning Co-Hosts During Meeting:

  • Designating Co-Hosts:
    • Start your Zoom meeting as the host.
    • Hover over the participant you wish to assign as a co-host in the Participants panel.
    • Click on the ‘More’ button (three dots) next to their name.
    • Select Make Co-Host.
2. Promoting Participants to Co-Hosts Before Meeting:

Pre-Meeting Setup:

  • Access your Zoom account settings via the web portal.
  • Navigate to the ‘Meeting Settings’ or ‘Settings’ tab.
  • Find the option labeled ‘Co-host’ and toggle it on.
  • Save your settings.

During Meeting:

  • Once the meeting has started, click on the ‘Participants’ icon to open the Participants panel.
  • Locate the participant you want to promote to co-host.
  • Click on the ‘More’ button (three dots) next to their name.
  • Select ‘Make Co-Host.’

3. Co-Host Responsibilities:

  • Manage Participants: Co-hosts can manage participants, including muting/unmuting, removing, or admitting participants from the waiting room.
  • Start/End Meeting: Co-hosts can start the meeting if the host is unavailable and end the meeting if necessary.
  • Host Controls: Co-hosts have access to most host controls, except for features like ending the meeting for all or transferring host controls.
4. Best Practices for Assigning Co-Hosts:
  • Choose Trusted Individuals: Select participants who are familiar with Zoom and responsible enough to assist with hosting duties.
  • Communicate Roles: Inform co-hosts of their responsibilities and provide guidance on how to effectively manage the meeting.
  • Collaborate Effectively: Coordinate with co-hosts to ensure smooth meeting management and address any issues that arise.
5. Final Thoughts:

Assigning co-hosts in Zoom can enhance meeting management and ensure a seamless experience for both hosts and participants. By leveraging co-host features effectively, you can delegate responsibilities and facilitate more productive and efficient meetings.

Happy Hosting and Coordinating!