Reliability with Eric Hersey

What is Reliability?

  • Reliability is the quality of being dependable all the time.
  • It is the foundation for success at home, in school, and in the workplace.
  • It is a life skill that can be learned if you are committed and work at it

Consider some things that you count on to be reliable. For example:

  • Cell phone and internet service
  • Traffic lights
  • Transportation – buses, ubers/lyfts, trains, planes
  • Emergency services
  • Utilities – electricity, gas, and water

When something is unreliable, we want it fixed immediately, with the assurance it won’t happen again.  If things are consistently unreliable, we lose trust, become annoyed, and will often cut that person or service from our lives.

Discussion with Digital Marketing Specialist Eric Hersey

Eric Hersey, Eric Hersey Web Design in Wheeling, West Virginia, understands the importance of reliability. Reliability is the number one quality he looks for when hiring a new employee.  He points out that you could be the most skilled person in the world, but if you don’t show up or do what you say you’re going to do, your skills are worthless.

Watch and listen to our discussion with Web Designer and Technology Enthusiast Eric Hersey.

What are some risks of being involved with unreliable people or using unreliable things?

  • If one person on a team is unreliable, it can reflect poorly on everyone.
  • You may lose a game or competition if you have an unreliable teammate.
  • You may miss out on time-sensitive opportunities.
  • Unreliable equipment can cost you more (time or money) to maintain than it would be to replace it with something reliable.

How can you demonstrate your reliability?

Be there when you said you would be there.  Do the work you said you were going to do.   Do not take on, or promise to do more than you are capable of doing in the time allotted.

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About Eric Hersey

Eric Hersey is a web designer and SEO expert located in Wheeling, West Virginia. Eric helps local Ohio Valley businesses create marketing tools through web design and digital marketing.

Eric credits a lot of his success by living up to the simple phrase – “Do What You Say You Are Going To Do”.

Learn more about Eric at his website: