Drug Free with Sean Currey

Being Drug Free

When an organization says it is “Drug Free” it means it prohibits the use of alcohol and illegal drugs, including marijuana.

The federal minimum drinking age is 21.  Although Ohio approved marijuana for medical use in 2018, it is still an illegal drug under federal law.  Schools must follow federal law.

Drug Free organizations

So do employers.  However, businesses often put policies in place that are even more restrictive – not allowing any use of alcohol or illegal drugs at any age.   They can refuse to hire, and can fire employees who do not comply with their policies.  The primary reason is “safety,” with “cost” a close second.

Thousands of Americans are killed each year in on-the-job-accidents, and many more suffer work-related disabilities.  The U.S. Department of Labor has found that employees who are drug or alcohol dependent are three times as likely to either cause or personally experience an injury at work.

The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI) reports that US companies lose $100 billion a year due to alcohol and drug-related abuse.  In addition to deaths and accidents, absenteeism and loss of production, drugs can cause poor decision making, illegal activities at work, higher turnover, and lower moral of co-workers.

A drug-free organizations often require random drug tests to make certain employees are safe, aware of their surroundings, work efficiently, are supportive of their co-workers, and develop good employee morale.

being drug free in the workplace

In the following video, Sean shares great information on what it takes to become a valued employee in the building trades, from training as an apprentice through journeyman status.  He also shares what different contractors require concerning drug testing.

About Sean Currey

Sean Currey is an organizer for Ironworkers Local 549 in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Learn more about Sean and the Ironworkers Local 549 at: iwlocal549.org