Oral and Written Communication – Lauren Hersey

how do you define communication?

Communication is defined as sending or receiving information or news. There are two main ways of communicating – Oral and Written.

Oral communication

Someone with good oral communication

Written communication

Someone with good written communication skills is detailed and precise.  Their meaning is expressed with clarity, fluency, and with no errors.

essential life skills

Oral and written communication skills are essential for work and life. Communication helps in building relationships and helps bring in prospects and other opportunities.

How can you get better at communicating?

  • Pick and choose the most important information and get it out.
  • Find a mentor or idol you can imitate.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • Research and read to acquire/store knowledge which helps you communicate well.
  • Body language is a big part of good oral communication, so body language training can also help.

Communication can feel awkward or tense at first, but that doesn’t mean it’s not working well or that you will always feel that way. Practice.

communication at work

At work, good communicators check in, state their intentions clearly, ask for help, and are cheerleaders and advocates for their coworkers and company.  By supporting their coworkers, they building relationships and reduce arguments in the workplace. Employees who communicate well are the ones managers want to help.

When communication does not go well, it impacts work and life.  Employees with poor communication often wait for problems to blow-up before asking for help. Unfortunately, since they can’t explain their values clearly, they may not get jobs even if they have the requisite skills.  In life, when people don’t express themselves clearly, they’re often misunderstood.  The listeners fill in the blanks themselves, which can breed conflict or mistrust among coworkers.

About Lauren Hersey

Lauren Hersey is the General Sales Manager of WTRF TV 7 in Wheeling, WV.

Lauren has worked with small businesses for over 20-years, helping sole proprietors and large organizations develop successful marketing strategies. Lauren has managed creative departments, account executives, and other leaders – helping them develop better time management skills, social skills, and increasing their life skills.

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