Participation Waiver


    I understand that my participation in any exercise or physical fitness program, as well as the participation of any person for whom I am legally responsible, is undertaken at the sole risk of the undersigned participants. This risk is understood and accepted regardless of whether the exercise or physical fitness program is delivered in-person or virtually (online), and recognize that instruction provided virtually may require participants to exercise complete discretion as to whether to engage in an activity or whether to continue with an activity after it has started.

    I understand that I should consult a physician and follow all safety instructions before personally participating in any exercise program or athletic practice, and that I should do the same before allowing any person for whom I am legally responsible to engage in any exercise program or athletic practice. I understand that this is especially true if the participant is pregnant, has any medical condition, or is currently taking any medication.

    I hereby release We Thrive Together, its affiliates and all trustees, employees, personnel and representatives associated with We Thrive Together (collectively, the” Released Parties”) with respect to any and all liabilities, claims, injuries or damages arising from any liability related to any act or omission of the Released Parties and/or my voluntary and knowing participation in the exercise and physical fitness program(s) offered by We Thrive Together. This release shall be binding on me, my spouse and all my heirs, legal representatives and assigns.

    Parent/Guardian Signature (if signing on behalf of a participant): I agree that I have read and understood these terms and have read and explained these terms to the participant. I agree that I am signing on behalf of myself and the participant.